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SIMOD was founded in 2007, as a company for development and selling of software solutions. This was the common initiative of industry engineers, researchers and young and ambitious technique and engineering students, all in the same goal - to overcome and exceed the long-lasting gap between industrial applications and scientific knowledge.

Our team is highly experienced in development of our own, as well as in application of commercial software solutions for the products development, technological processes, optimization of design solutions, quality control, etc. We offer services and consultancy of the software implementation in industry. Many years of experience in the application of software for manufacturing simulation as well as the trainings abroad, make us unique in Serbia and in the countries of the region.

SIMOD offers engineer services and realizes development and applicative projects for solving specific technical problems in industry. Our spectrum of services includes calculations and analyses of complicated thermo-mechanical problems based on the final element and final volume method, innovative development of products, testing and optimization of existing products and industrial processes, as well as activities of specialized trainings, consultation and help in applications for obtaining the international grants.

Thanks to the many years of experience and the company’s members’ expertise, the quality and innovativeness of the offer, satisfaction of the clients and the partners, and above all, thanks to the ideas and devotion of SIMOD’s young team, in the first year of we became strategic partners of the companies from Germany, Slovenia and Serbia. SIMOD’s innovative potential and offer, has been recognized and fully supported by the local partners and donors, that is why the SIMOD’s headquarters are in Business Innovative Centre since August, 2008. In this way the range of our services has been expanded for the needs of SME sector, start up companies and entrepreneurs in Šumadija and Pomoravlje region.

Today, SIMOD is the authorized dealer and distributor of SIMUFACT, AutoForm and PROFIL-UBECO software in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Macedonia, representative for selling and installment of innovative RENISHAW products for CNC machines, and the partner in the development and selling of EDOPS Document Office System (DMS).

According to the mission we have set for us, the innovative offer of products and services, unique in this area, since September 2008, SIMOD starts with the school of English, using Callan method, which will enable the students to learn English in a quarter of the time, at the same time preparing them for taking Cambridge exams. This is the first such school in Serbia. In the Western Balkans area there is one in Zagreb, Croatia.

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